“Dueling Krysler Town and Country (Mac and Cheese Buffet Pt.2)”

Continued Inspirations from previous Home Town Buffet and Boston Market inspired mac and cheese buffet pt.1 In Part Two, 2 herm families go on vacation in their Krysler ‘Town and Country’ edition mini vans. They voyaged forth through doors of Home Town Buffet and Boston Markets, the shoulder blades of the black cloud hand powder-abyss. The Nightengales sang through the red socks seen to the left, drissling ketchup through the open sun roof.¬† Within it, through the eyes of the greater unforseen…in-hailing the wafting engine smoke. Together, the plan was to see which Krysler ‘Town and Country’ could make it faster to the mac and cheese buffet and switch out¬† some of the mac and cheese (but only a few of them) with cream corn (also being yellow and often mistaken for mac and cheese). This way, it would prevent the other family from controlling¬† all of the mac and cheese. One of the families was gluten free, so you can see the stress building. Quickly noticing the herm trapped under the buffet trying to grab legs of the threat posing herm family to the right, pulling them under, and stealing there sauces.

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